At Monster Cleaning South London we thrive for one thing and one thing only and that is to make our premier quality services are attractive and satisfactory as possible. In order to do that we have to not just look after the way the solutions in question are being delivered, but also the prices that they come on. Now, it is a known fact that we offer some of the most affordable cleaning solutions in town, but we go a step higher by delivering attractive special deals and discount packages.

Some of the best deals for cleaning services in South London are with us

We have a wide range of deals that you are encouraged to check out. Some of them are permanent, while others are changed on a rolling basis, so you might want to stay tuned in order not to miss the discount package that best fits your personal requirements at the current moment. In any case, you will find the following offerings to be up to your liking for sure:

  • When you book end of tenancy cleaning with us, you can make use of a carpet cleaning solution too for half the price.
  • All landlords actually get a 10% discount off the end of tenancy cleaning
  • If you book a domestic cleaning from us for the second time, you will get one hour of cleaning free of charge

These are only few of the prime examples of our top notch prices cleaning services come on. Now, feel encouraged to check out the complete list of our deals and discounts and of course, get in touch with our friendly, helpful customer support in case you have any questions.