As a leading provider of premier quality sanitation services for the territory of South London we are the peoplewho you want by your side when you need your home or office to look in a prime condition. We are a company with a proven track record and countless satisfied customers who live or work all over the territories of the capital that are to the south of the River Thames. We take professionalism, efficiency and friendliness to be the three main ingredients in a successful cleaning firm and that is exactly what we are here to offer to anyone who is interested in cleaning in South London done properly and on the right price.

Our services have been tailored specifically to fit your needs

Over the years we have had the chance to tailor some of the best and most efficient professional cleaning solutions out there. Count on Monster Cleaning South London for:

  • > Domestic Cleaning – our licensed and fully equipped professional sanitation experts will come to your place on a regular basis (once, twice, three times a week, or every day if necessary), and proceed to taking care of all chores for you. Save time, energy and money with prices starting from £9 per cleaner per hour.
  • > Oven Cleaning – available to domestic and commercial clients alike, this service is specifically tailored with the purpose of keeping your oven and stove in a prime condition. By using powerful, yet chemical-free products, powerful tools and tested methods, our technicians will provide you with a well sanitised and healthy environment for you to prepare the food for your family or clients. Prices start at £45 for a small oven cleaning.
  • > End of tenancy cleaning – secure the refund of your rental deposit by signing our insured experts to handle the moving-out sanitation of your rented property. When you are relocating, cleaning is the last thing that you would want to occupy yourself with, so it is only good news that there is a trained and capable team of experts ready to take this otherwise rather responsible task off your hands. Prices from £89 for a studio flat end of lease sanitation.
  • Carpet Cleaning – carpets are notoriously hard to keep in a top condition, but it will not be the case when you have our specially trained and very capable team members use the powerful steam cleaning tools and green detergents they have at their disposal in order to remove stains, dirt and soil from deep in the fabrics of your rugs. It is as easy as it sounds and may cost as little as £22!
  • > One off and Spring Cleaning – restore order at your home by letting our South London cleaners enter it for a one-off treatment. It will be fairly certain that they will be able to produce optimal results with minimal hassle and stress, and are available on prices starting at the meagre £12.5 per cleaner per hour.
  • > Deep Cleaning – deep cleaning treatment for your South London property is the perfect way to make sure that the place is free of allergens, mould and mildew, and at least in the couple of months to come, it will be much easier for you to maintain it in top condition. Book your deep cleaning with Monster Cleaning South London from £89.
  • > Commercial Cleaning – do your business justice and hire us for the best office cleaning in South London service today for merely £8 per cleaner per hour (for 20+ hours a week).

It is easy, it is cheap – there is no reason not to do it

Hire us at Monster Cleaning as your professional sanitation experts of choice and you will not regret your decision one bit. Get in touch with our friendly and very helpful around the clock customer support in order to obtain a free no obligation quote and learn all you need to know concerning our booking process and manner of work. We are here for you at any time of the day and night, ready to work tirelessly for your comfort and peace of mind.

The many good reasons to consider hiring a professional cleaning company

It used to be thought that having pro cleaners working for you was a privilege reserved for only the rich and famous. Well, today thanks to the advancements made by technology and the fierce competition in the field, prices of regular sanitation services become lower by the minute. Nearly everyone can afford maids and cleaners at least every once in a while, which is a good reason to explore the possibilities yourself. Hiring professional cleaners will save you energy and time – instead of handling the chores yourself, you will be able to relax, spend time with family and friends or focus on other important aspects of your life. When you come to think of it, there is truly no reason not to call us right away.